Verba Art Gallery - современное искусство

Welcome to the Verba Art international multimedia exhibition.
We'd like to introduce you to the artists from Russia. Russia is renowned for its art school and traditions of creating works of art.
Russian artists, such as Ilya Repin, Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich, and many others, have gained worldwide fame and recognition. Students from all over the world come to study at Russian art universities and academies.
At our multimedia exhibition, we'll introduce you to several distinctive artists.
Verba Art international project helps to share works of art created by artists from different countries. We welcome all interested authors from China, Kazakhstan, Italy, USA, France, UK, UAE, and any other country to participate in the project. Art is what unites people. Through art, one can understand the soul of a nation.
We'll provide a short bio for every artist presented at our multimedia exhibition.
Vitaly Amelin
Born in Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, on October 20, 1963.
In 1990, graduated from Bryansk Art College.
Key techniques and genres of artworks: oil painting, realism, symbolism, Post-Impressionism.
Titles, awards, diplomas:
1st and 2nd places at the Modern Avant-garde international exhibition and competition of contemporary art, Moscow, 2016.
3rd place at the Art Love international festival of erotic art, St. Petersburg, 2017.
1st and 3rd places at the Modern Avant-garde international exhibition and competition of contemporary art, Moscow, 2017.
2nd place at the RUSSIAN ART WEEK XXV international exhibition and jured competition of modern and contemporary arts, Moscow, 2018.
Participation in international exhibitions:
27th ARTE PADOVA trade exhibition, Italy, 2016.
Milan Art Week, Italy, 2016.
My Italy. Italy through the eyes of Russian artists, 2019.
The artworks are kept in private collections in Russia, Italy, and Germany.
The themes of artistic works and artistic language: works at the junction of object painting and non-objective art, offering the viewer an original dramatic composition based on coloristic relations. Trying to enter into an unspoken conversation with the viewer, leaves it up to the audience to form opinion, attitude, and draw conclusions, which may turn out to be quite unpredictable for the artist. Calls himself a Post-Impressionist with a symbolic bias.

We hope you enjoyed our exhibition. Feel free to contact us for more information on each artist presented at our multimedia exhibition. To obtain our contact information, scan the QR code.
We'll be glad to present your works at our exhibitions.
Sincerily, Verba Art international project.